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They are our talented, passionate and nerdy interns. They learned, they contributed and then they proved with awesome placement in college

Mukul KumarAndroid Consultant
Rachit KulshresthaProduct Consultant
Priyanshu JainFull Stack Developer
Angular, Backend
Shivam NaharDigital Marketing,
Content Associate


They are our talented, passionate and nerdy interns. They learned, they contributed and then they proved with awesome placement in college

Ritesh ChauhanIIT Roorkee2017 Placed: GE Digital SDE- Intern, API Dev, Plagiarism

One of my key experience during my time as an undergraduate was doing an internship with nthexam (previously mytestplan). I gained a new sense of professionalism and a clearer view of what it meant to be in the professional world. Work is exciting staff is awesome and there are lot of fun filled activities. I would advise everyone to take the opportunity and do an internship with nthexam.

Akshay MaheshwariLNM IIT Jaipur2018 Placed: American Express SDE-Intern, API Dev, Analytics Platform

My experience at nthExam, the first day into the office was exactly like you imagine a small startup to be, a well equipped office space with few skilled individuals. First day itself I was introduced to the whole architecture of the product, tech stack, future prospects and most importantly my role during the period of 2 months as an intern.
It was challenging but fun for any computer science enthusiast, though I gradually caught on and things became interesting, sometimes you don't realise when its 12 in the night while working so passionately.

The two most important things I learnt during the whole period of internship was

  • It is important to get accustomed to the procedures and behaviour of any software product, it is overwhelming to get to know a legacy product in the start and it is okay to make mistakes and take time to develop on that
  • Experiences in life is what that matters, getting into a giant tech brand is what people generally think but experience at nthExam I had was one of my best learning experience (after working in big brands).
Vidit KavraHBTI Kanpur2019 Placed: OYO ROOMS SDE- Intern, API Dev, Recommendation

I worked at Nthexam as a software development intern for 2 months. I learned a lot of things during my period of internship like how to work with large codebase, properly using a version control system, writing scalable and maintainable code, etc. Work culture at Nthexam is very friendly, working hours are flexible. Facilities like gym, swimming pool, billiards, basketball court, etc. are available for use.

Anuj SharmaNIT Kurukshetra2018Placed: UDAAN SDE- Intern, Full Stack Developer

I was a full stack software developer intern at nthexam for 2 months. It was indeed best summers utilised in Bangalore with some exceptional learning filled with fun activities. We were given full freedom to explore and contribute with some strict guidelines and time bound task submissions, that helped me a lot to learn new and utilise good coding principle. I would recommend college student to utilise your precious summer period to go and learn something at nthexam and your placement are going nowhere.

Mohammed Mufeed AreekkanNIT Kurukshetra2019 Design Intern, Mobile App Design

It’s been a great two months working at nthexam with a very good senior management team who has a strong vision. Flexible work timings, free lunch and snacks are the cherries to the cake. Learned a lot about startups and the ‘behind the scene’ hardworking to take it to the heights. Being a designer, I can vouch that nthexam gives you the complete creative freedom. In short, it was awesome working with the whole team behind an idea and technology that could positively change the outlook of the whole world on education. Proud to be a part of it.

Harsh UpadhayayLNM IIT Jaipur2019Placed : Info Objects Inc Android

I worked as an Android developer intern at nth Exam. I consider this to be the most valuable and productive period of my career. Working at nth Exam has given me a great opportunity to work along extremely talented professionals to build up my skills as a programmer. If you want to learn and enjoy at the same time nth Exam is the place with a great work culture and learning opportunities.

Harsh SharmaLNM IIT Jaipur2019Placed : Samsung RnD Business Analyst Intern, Sales, Developer

It was indeed a great learning experience for me. I got a chance to explore the field of business analyst under the excellent guidance of Atul and Arpit. The best thing about working at NthExam.com is the freedom that one gets to work in his own way. This not only helped me in broadening my knowledge about the industry but also gave me opportunity to understand how a business works. It is one of the coolest place where I have worked so far. More success to nthexam.com :))