A simple solution to your personalised learning

Just signup and explore the learning platform for your exam. Each practice set will eavaluate you on your potential and help in creating next practice set.

Signup and Practice Questions

Signup to nthexam, its free and get started with your first practice set of your exam choice. Create unlimited practice set of your desired category and sub categories. Create test among provided number of question sets.

Analyze Rate and Bookmark

Completed practice sets can be reviewed with analysis report Rate the question as per your experience and bookmark for revision. Bookmarking will help you to search in bookmark section based on author, category, subcategory and question text

Generate Your Personalized Book

Personal book can be generated once you complete your milestone, on each milestone you can create few personalized book that contains practice sets. Each book will be generated on based on your progressive growth

How we generate personalised content for you?

Recommended practice sets are created based on your performance

All practice sets are created based on the various factors

  • Evaluate your previous practice sets
  • Evaluate your performance with peers on various factors
  • Predict your performance and possible enhancement score
  • Curate the questions across nthexam authors and public content
  • Generate the best practice set for you

Analysis and report generation: Product Beyond Analyisis

All your practice set data help in improving the analysis

  • Analysis report on exam, category and sub category level
  • Evaluation for personal growth and performacne
  • Approach towwards the various type of question and mistakes
  • Peer and relative analysis weighted report
  • You get the final output percentile for your level

Personalize Book : For Progressive growth and learning

The data and charts are of less information and use so we generated a book based on that

  • Book is generated to give you the content best for your target to achieve
  • No two student can have same personal book
  • Book is generated as per your requirement and milestone set
  • Personal book is divided into various category and sub category and progress chart
  • After curating the content book is generated