Your Personalised Digital Book

"When two students are not the same, then why should their books be the same?"

While technology and products have evolved and scaled new heights in the tech era, one thing that has not changed for thousands of years is a “Book”.

But Why?

We believe that while innovation has increased the utility for other products, it could never defeat the true purpose of a book. Something that you can own, carry around in your bag and pull out in times of need. Surely we can buy a book and own it for years, but can we truly call it ours? Why can’t we have a book that is unique to us?
What if I tell you we are here to change that fact!. What if we tell you that we will design a book especially for you. Something that has your name is written over it and contains what you need most.
nthexam wants to take the concept of a book to a new level, recreate it from scratch while still maintaining the authenticity of its beautiful design and functionality.

What would My book contain?

Based on your learning pattern and test scores, the personalized book will offer you the most relevant study material that will assist you on your journey to success. What is more important is the book will evolve with you, understand you and become your study partner.

Combined with the revision planner, the book will offer a learning experience like never before.

Why should I purchase this personalized book?

The best ed tech team is working in-house on data mining to give you the best personalized book of your need.
We cannot make everyone to clear Rank 1, however, we can give you a path and strategy for progressive growth.
Each book comes with a predictability score of how you perform in your book and generate next book.